About Mark

Mark is a South Australian born photographer who's passion for photography began at a very early age of just 10 years old.

Rather than 'deciding' to choose this avenue as a career, photography has very much chosen him. Being drawn towards creating images since first picking up a camera in those early years, he has never looked back.

Mark is is very passionate and meticulous when it come to creating that flawless image, whether it be for himself or for the client who requires photography with that extra hint of precision and professionalism.

Personally Mark see photography as a tool to document important moments in people's lives as well as a medium to express an artistic angle which reflects the personality and true self of those in the light.

Shooting with nothing less than the best equipment available in order to take complete control and turn any scene he is presented with into an artistic masterpiece.

People are drawn towards Mark's humbleness and ability to remain at ease in even the most pressing of situations. Mark is also a graduate of Certificate II in Advanced Diploma of Commercial Photography

On this website you will find many examples of Mark's work.They have been divided into three sections.