Contact / FAQ

ph: 0407 611 755


Can you cover a wedding outside of Adelaide?

Most certainly. I am happy to travel up to 80km from the Adelaide CBD at no extra charge, a fee is required for travel time beyond this distance.

What is the best way for us to communicate with you?

I can be reached in many ways- email being the most effective for initial consults. All of my contact details/ social media platforms are available here on this website and all are welcome to be utilized for inquiries.

How do we secure our wedding date with you?

Simple! A deposit of 10% of your selected package, via bank transfer will ensure the date is all yours.

Are you LGBT friendy?

Absolutely! Everyone is more than welcome to be in front of my camera!

What equipment do you use?

My current kit includes

  • Canon 5d MKIII body
  • Canon 15mm F2.8 Fisheye
  • Canon 17mm F4 L TSE
  • Canon 24-70mm F2.8 L MKII
  • Canon 35mm F1.4 L MKII
  • Canon 85mm F1.2 L
  • Canon 100mm F2.8 L Macro
  • Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L MKII
  • Twin off-camera 580EXII speed lights
  • Twin Jinbei off-camera Location Studio Heads with soft boxes

How long do you take to edit the images?

I generally quote between 6 and 8 weeks to have your package ready for collection.

Can I print my photos freely?

Absolutely. Your local photo lab can take care of your printing- for the best quality prints I strongly recommend sourcing a lab running a Fuji Frontier printing system. I personally work full time in a photo lab in the CBD (which of course runs a Frontier) and I will happily produce prints for my clients, which is optimum because I’m able manage all colours, per print. This ensures the best output quality possible.

Can I share my photos online?

By all means! Credits to Mark Simmonds Photography are appreciated when posting on social media platforms.

May we change our package?

Of course. Just let me know your thoughts and we can work together to make sure you receive exactly what you need.

Do you work with an assistant?

I certainly do. My assistant is also a very capable main shooter and we work very well together in order to ensure all moments throughout the day are covered.

How much time should we allow for our portraits before the reception?

Ultimately, this is up to you. I would like at an absolute minimum 45 minutes, with very close access to a nice location. If multiple locations are required then 1.5 hours or more is optimum in order to capture a wide variety from multiple locations. I also love being able to sneak out for a quick portrait during the reception when the sun has disappeared behind the horizon

Can you help us arrange our timeline?

Most certainly I can make recommendations towards getting the most out of your day, with ideas of how to make lots of amazing photos at the right time of day for particular locations

Do you require a meal during the reception?

If it isn’t too much trouble, yes please. It helps me to recharge and continue shooting into the evening.

Are you able to cater for different style of weddings?

Absolutely I can. If you are chasing a vintage feel to your images, a photojournalistic approach, extra black and whites, glamour style edits simply let me know and we can make some magic happen!

Can we have the RAW files?

Unfortunately this is one request I am unable to cater for. All images are edited meticulously by myself to create the ‘final images.’ These images represent myself and my craft and are the only copies of my work that I release to the public.

Do you specialize in any other areas of photography?

Oh absolutely. I love photographing anything that has interesting light cast upon it. In particular I love photographing bands and any other form of stage performance, anything in nature- be it wide landscapes or minute insectsin the garden, street photography.. the list goes on really. If you are interested, feel free to jump over to where you will find a wide range of my imagery

How safe are our images?

Very safe. All images are shot as dual RAW files onto two cards at once, before being backed up to 2 separate hard drives immediately after the shoot and stored securely, as well as a third copy onto my computers in built hard drive to begin work flow.

Is your equipment insured? Do you have backup equipment?

All of my camera gear and computer equipment is most certainly insured. A minimum of 2 cameras are always present on your wedding day and up to 10 professional lenses- I have the day covered J